Aromascent have the goal of providing the highest quality fragrances and best customer support

We believes strongly in the importance of quality tested products and helpful customer service

We want our customers to be successful, and it is part of our job to make sure they will be



Our Products



Aromascent offers more than 1500 references of fragrance oils. Watching industry trends carefully, we stay ahead of our customers’ needs by frequently adding new products.

If you have a suggestion or a special request, we'll do our best to find it for you.

Aromascent also tests all of the fragrances we sell to ensure it will work as expected and needed by our customers. Notes from this test can be found in the product descriptions.

When you purchase our fragrance oils, you can be certain that your end product will smell just right


Fragrance oils are rigorously tested in Cold Process.

We include testing notes in each fragrance description.

Our fragrance oils are packaged in aluminum bags for maximum longevity.

We provide all documents requested: SMDS, Certificat of Analysis ...





AROMASCENT products comply with the safety regulations and the recommendations of international organizations






Captivate your senses with our nature inspired fragrances

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